Shed Guardian
Every self-respecting shed or workshop owner needs a shed guardian!  Correctly constructed, a shed guardian can bring good luck and good vibes to your workspace. Your shed guardian can repel evil spirits and stop neighbours from borrowing your tools. With your shed guardian
Bowl of Pitanga Fruit
Our Pitanga bush has produced a bumper crop this year. Pitanga fruit – also called Brazilian Cherries – are delicious. Tangy, but quite sweet as well.  I’m going to try making a jam out of them.
Lucky Beer
Lucky Beer out of China has a very engaging  bottle that features a happy Buddha shape embossed into the glass at the front. The words  “Lucky Beer ” are embossed into the back of the bottle. A refreshing beer with a
Mug of Beer
Australian beer. Clean and refreshing. Good head retention. Very enjoyable. James Squire.   Why beer here? A good beer can be one of life’s simple pleasures. Part of a frugal mindset can be taking real enjoyment out of a simple
Chooks In the Yard
For a few days, no eggs at all! Or so we thought! But, it turns out our lovely girls just decided to  lay their eggs elsewhere in the pen. We located a rather large egg horde underneath a fruit tree in
Started Walking Today
Walking Today we set the alarm (just in case we slept in) and woke up at 6.45am so we could have our coffee and read the online news before we set out for our 3km walk at 7.15am (without the