About Us

Our journey towards a frugal mindset and a more sustainable future!

With our children moving rapidly towards adulthood and (hopefully) independence, we are looking forward to the next phase of our lives.  Our dream is to buy a small acreage in beautiful Tasmania and live as simply and self-sufficiently as possible.

A simple lifestyle based on sound permaculture principals is very attractive to us and we can’t wait to get started. And, in fact, we already have! It will still be awhile before we can embark on our longed-for treechange, but we are already growing quite a lot of food in our small suburban block. And our four well-loved chooks provide us with eggs in abundance.

And now, as an intrinsic part of our journey, we are working towards developing a more frugal mindset. “Frugal” is one if those wonderful English words that can be both derogatory and complementary depending on the context in which it is used. Delivered as an insult, it can describe a person who is mean and penny pinching. A tightwad.

Delivered as a compliment, it can describe people who are wise with their available resources. Not wasteful and indulgent. People who live within their means and care for themselves, their community and their world.

On a planet with rapidly dwindling resources, and a future fraught with problems, we think it is imperative that we all develop a frugal mindset.

This blog will chronicle our journey as we develop our own frugal mindset and adapt a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.  It’s not likely to be an easy or straightforward journey.  And it won’t happen overnight! There is a lot of learning to be done. A lot of new ideas to embrace. A lot of old and tried ways of doing things that need to be discarded.

But it’s sure to be fun and fulfilling.  Come join us!

Brett and Deborah Christensen

February 2014

Chickens in garden bed

Chooks helping out in the garden!